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Large Cedar Cooking Planks

Large Grate Planks - Thick durable cedar cooking planks for whole fish, sides of fish, beef steaks, pork chops or chicken.

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Large Grate Planks - These hand cut and finished cedar cooking planks are used to cook fish, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb and vegetables directly on the cedar planks, in the style used by Native Northwest American Indians.   These large planks are intended to cook a whole side of salmon or large piece of meat like a rack of lamb or pork ribs OR multiple pieces of food at once.

The cooking instructions are on the package label.  Basics are that you soak them in water for a little bit them place your food on them, then place them in your hot oven or grill.  These cedar planks are reusable as long as you don't burn them up on the grill!!  A little charring is okay and adds flavor to the food you are cooking.

Each pack consists of 2 pieces of cedar wood cooking planks.  Each plank is: 22” long by 7 ¼” wide by ¾” thick. The two pack is: 22” long by 7 1/4” wide by 1.5” thick.

Please click on the RECIPE tab here for cooking instructions and ideas.


Large Grate Planks

GRATE PLANKS “HOW TO” directions:

1)  Soak cedar planks in water for 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Soaking cedar planks

Figure 1.  Cedar planks soaking in water.


2)  Preheat grill or oven to 350° - 375° F.

3)  Season food with a Grate Grinds spice blend and place them directly on the cedar planks.

Large Grate Plank with Salmon Filet.

Figure 2.  Large Grate Plank with side of salmon seasoned with Cedar Plank Seafood Seasoning.

3)  Place cedar planks in the middle rack of the oven OR on the grill with indirect heat (no flame directly below the cedar planks).  Close the grill cover.

CAUTION: Use a water spray bottle if the edges of the wood catch on fire on the grill.  Never cook food unattended as planks are wood and could catch fire.

4)  Cook the food to your desired doneness.  Note: Use an instant read thermometer to check the temperature of the food.

5)  Carefully remove the cedar planks with oven mitts and ENJOY.  Your food will stay moister and the wood planks will impart a gentle cedar flavor.

 Barbecued side of salmon.

Figure 3.  Barbecued side of salmon.  Beautiful, seasoned, with a hint of cedar and very moist!

You can reuse the cedar planks many times if you do not char them directly over the grill flames, just wash and dry them after each use.

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